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With over 20+ years experience in arts & cultural and academia arenas, L’Oreal Monique Evans has served the New Orleans community as well as several other cities across the U.S. She is an alumnus of the only public HBCU in New Orleans, Southern University at New Orleans, of the Southern University System. Her experience ranges from both performance and visual artist to: teacher, administrator, director, event manager, producer and recruiter within arts & culture and elementary, secondary and higher education. Ms. Evans’ experience has afforded her the opportunity to: sit on several cultural boards from New Orleans to Alexandria, serve as a grants reviewer for federal and local funding agencies, and serve on boards for educational programs. Her skills range from board and staff development, corporate infrastructure stability, fund development, organizational management, to curriculum design, event production, and collections management. She has been instrumental in the archiving and conservation of one of New Orleans’ most celebrated and prestigious art collections, the Southern University at New Orleans African Art collection. With the city of New Orleans, she worked tirelessly to improve DEI in arts and culture via the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission and engaged over 10,000+ participants in events ranging from literacy programming and intergenerational music, dance, and visual arts lessons to festivals celebrating BIPOC cultures and their contributions to the Greater New Orleans area. Her work with community organizations has created a network of citizen led initiatives designed to include narratives and engagement fostering economic, health, and social development. Prior to serving the Donaldsonville and Ascension Parish communities she served as the Events Manager for the Ashé Cultural Arts Center, a subsidiary of Efforts of Grace, and credits tutelage under the auspices of it’s founder Carol Bebelle, along with a supportive community of phenomenal BIPOC female leaders in the areas of arts and culture inclusive of River Road African American Museum’s founder, Kathe Hambrick-Jackson, with her development as a cultural leader.

She has worked with global artists in cultural exchange for the Louisiana area and is committed to artistic collaborative projects in Ghana and South Africa which aim to target inequity, health disparities and poverty among females and children. She is an herbalist who lends her voice and expertise to community based medicine making projects and acts an an advocate for environmental awareness and wholistic practices. L’Oréal Monique Evans researches topics and issues as well as actively participates in projects regarding the African Diaspora and community development. Her vision is to promote and foster an appreciation of Afrofuturism and the African Diaspora via performative measures encompassing activism and education to further encourage economic development, equitable sustainability, and wholistic wellness through preservation and representation. 

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