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Delve into the history and culture of RRAM through our informative and engaging tours. Our main museum showcases rotating exhibits with a wealth of artifacts, while the Rosenwald School and Dr. Lowery's Medical Office provide fascinating glimpses into African American life. The GU 272 Exhibition is a must-see, chronicling the story of enslaved Africans sold in 1838 to fund Georgetown University. History buffs will appreciate the True Friends Benevolent Society, while the Freedom Garden's medicinal herbs offer a unique botanical experience. Don't miss our farm-to-table program, featuring cooking demonstrations and fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.


General Tour and Admission

(By appointment only)

Adults   $20

Students/Seniors  $10

(over the age of 60) $10

Bike Tours   $40

Guided Bike Tour  $35


12 and under GBT $10

Full Campus Tour $30

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